The Road I Roam28/03/2012 | No Comments »

Download “The Road I Roam” for free here:

Produced by Jaq… Read More

Kristoff Krane – Work ft. Slug28/03/2012 | No Comments »

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Disko Dave Freestyle Cuts13/03/2012 | No Comments »

Disko Dave droppin’ some mean cutz over a Petestrumental.… Read More

Disko Dave – On a Mission (Making of)13/03/2012 | No Comments »

Dope production vid. Track from vinyl to vocals.… Read More

Interview with Sabzi (Common Market)08/03/2012 | No Comments »

Sabzi goes through the process of making beats, samples, and being true to music. This 3 Part looks takes you through “what not to do” to actually making a beat.… Read More

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